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Household pests can be more than a nuisance-they can be a threat to your property and potentially your health.

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Disturbing, but True:

  • Fleas hop from carpeting onto ankles and legs, and feed on human blood.
  • A single colony can exceed 500,000 ants.

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Bugs are more than just creepy; they also transmit disease and bacteria.

We offer the Ultimate Protection Guarantee to keep pests out of your home and away from your family.

The Quarterly Pest Control Plan includes

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Bug Control Keeps Insects from Pestering You

Not only do insects get on your nerves, but they can cause damage and health hazards. If you've got pests bugging you night and day, it's not a problem you want to live with. Call your exterminators for professional help with all your insect control needs.

Stop Your Home from Being Colonized By Ants

Ants are particularly annoying and unsightly, and when it comes to their unrelenting mission to bug you, they're also highly organized. Their scouts don't care where you live or work. As far as ants are concerned, your territory is their territory. They've discovered you, and they'll set up a controlled colony, replete with soldier ants, before you realize what's happening.

Not only are ants bothersome, but certain varieties like fire ants can cause painful and itchy bites that pose serious health threats, especially to children. Other pernicious species like carpenter ants behave like termites, and they'll consume your very walls, literally eating you out of house and home.

The good news is, unlike the results of ineffective home ant control remedies, professional exterminators use an integrated plan of attack that will kick these pesky explorers out of your home for good.

Catch Spiders in Their Own Webs

Spiders might eat other insects, but nobody wants them crawling around their home. They're creepy and seem to appear when you least expect it, crawling across countertops and around sinks, appearing in places where we often put our hands, and spending a lot of time in vulnerable areas like the bathtub. It's no wonder they're the subject of horror movies.

Equally horrible is the fact that spiders bite and their stings can be poisonous or fatal. While it's true that they only bite when provoked, who wants to take the risk, especially when spiders are on the floor near bare feet, on surfaces near our hands, and in other places where our skin is exposed? Call your spider control experts and get rid of these unwelcome arachnids.

Never Sleep With Bedbugs Again

Nobody in their right mind would choose to sleep with blood-sucking beasties that feed on their flesh all night, but when you ignore insect control for bedbugs, it's an open invitation to a feast. Not only are their bites irritating, but they can turn into itchy rashes and other more serious medical problems. Kill bedbugs fast by talking to your local exterminators. While bedbugs can be hard to find, exterminators have the experience to wipe them out for good.

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