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Disturbing, but True:

  • Termites can destroy an entire house in 2-3 years.
  • Termite queens lay up to 30,000 eggs each day.
  • If left untreated, Termites can live for up to 15 years.
  • One pair of mice can produce up to 200 offspring in just four months.
  • Mice can squeeze through pencil-thin holes to enter homes.

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Find Affordable Pest Control To Get Rid Of Bugs

Who wants to see their home infested with pests? Some parts of the country deal with roaches, ants, silverfish, others with termites. Some homeowners deal with spiders, others with mice. Pests bring illnesses with them, and can literally takeover and devour your home. There's no question of getting rid of pests before they can completely infiltrate and infest.

Preventing Infestations

If you've had it with spending money on over-the-counter pest control products that don't work, or tired of just ignoring the problem hoping it goes away when the cooler weather gets here, then here are some things you can do to seriously reduce the risks of pest infestation.

A great place to start is to sanitize and cleanse your home. Pests of this type are drawn to dirty, messy areas. Garbage and discarded food products are literal breading grounds for pests that breed and hatch quickly.

  • Cleaning your walls and floors with bleach water or other approved disinfectant products.
  • Clean up any areas with standing garbage or rotting food.
  • Eliminate these breeding grounds for pests, sooner rather than later your will suffer through a pest problem in your house.
  • Hire professional exterminators to rid reinforce your efforts by sealing your house and property from bugs and other nuisance pests.

Mosquitoes are one of the worst pests imaginable in some parts of the country. It is important to eliminate all possible breeding grounds if you have any hope of ridding them from your home and property. Mosquitoes lay their millions of eggs on anywhere there is stagnant water. To prevent their quick breeding cycles you need to keep on top of any areas prone to standing water.

Sealing your home is important if you expect to keep pests on the outside. Using an appropriate sealant for the surfaces to seal, carefully go through your house, inside and out, looking for cracks in the foundation, bricks or siding, and leaky window and door seals. You also need to seal your home with the professional grade pest control substances designed to create a barrier around your house. Your local exterminator can help you with this.

Exterminators Can Save You Money

Whether you want to seal your home or get rid of bed bugs, local exterminators have the tools, the knowledge and the expertise to rid your home of bugs. Don't waste time with store bought traps, sprays and other ineffective methods. Treat the problem right with professional pest control services.

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